How does one appeal to a HobohoGoblin?

What stance does one take, what argument does one make, that will result in winning the favor of a HobohoGoblin?

There is no easy answer to this question. The HobohoGoblin may be like Santa Claus, with Helper Goblins that each have dispositions of their own. Not to mention the many, many voices at work in each of those minds. It is a conundrum.

Especially since you only have one shot at it. Sure, you could use multiple email accounts, creating a new Ethereum address for each one. But if you haven’t figured out a valid approach, is it even worth it? You’ll have wasted a bunch of your time, and still have no HobohoCoin.

The only answer is to think long and hard before making your request. You want HobohoCoin. Why? What is it, in your heart and your mind, that makes you want some? That leads you to believe that you deserve some? Or don’t deserve any but should be given some anyway?
More than this you cannot do. HBGB will be distributed, free of charge, until the supply is exhausted. They are going to someone. Why shouldn’t some go to you? Why should they?


Only the first request from each e-mail/Ethereum address combo will be considered.
You must have access to the e-mail address you provide.
HobohoCoin (HBGB) award will be sent to the Ethereum address provided.